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Acne and nutrition


Acne and nutrition, is there a connection?

If you read this article, you undoubtedly value health in combination with beautiful and fresh skin. If something doesn’t really fit in with that, it’s blackheads, comedos, pustules or just acne. While around 85% of people will experience it sooner or later. We want flawless skin that shines and we also want to do something for it.

About the treatment

Many doctors and dermatologists claim that nutrition has nothing to do with it. They then prescribe powerful drugs such as antibiotics or isotretinoin (such as Roaccutane, Amnesteem, Claravis, etc.). The Diane pill is also prescribed for girls and women. But is this the solution for skin improvement?
Do you want to put your bowels at stake? This usually follows all kinds of external antibiotic ointments or other treatments. Antibiotics is of course not recommended for your gut flora, the bacteria in your gut will suffer badly from this treatment. But isotretinoin can also have some very nasty side effects. As a woman, for example, you cannot become pregnant under any circumstances.

Side effects

You can become extremely sensitive to sunlight, develop night blindness, liver disorders, get crusts on your lips, incur severe intestinal damage (Crohn’s disease, Ulcerative Colitis) until you have to remove the colon by surgery, followed by a stoma), kidney failure and there are many of suicide attempts detected by users. Call this medicine the ultimate and last resort. Or are there other options? Does nutrition really have no influence? Or could a real healthy choice at the supermarket make a difference?


The use of the Dianepill, as an anti-acne agent, has many side effects, but above all many restrictions when you are not allowed to use it. This restriction applies to anyone with a risk of vascular wall disorders, liver problems, diabetes risk, hereditary predisposition to thrombosis, unexplained vaginal bleeding and many other points. The list of possible side effects is too long for this article, so see this as a serious warning. For an effect you have to be patient for many months. Which nutritional aspects play the most important role?

The biggest culprits

According to the published studies, these are milk and cereal products or other carbohydrates with a high glycemic index. That is, food and drinks whose blood sugar levels are going to rise quickly. This includes all soft drinks, energy drinks, fruit juices and even VitaminWater.


The latter is nothing more than a bottle of sugar water with a minimum amount of vitamins. The deception surrounding this type of product is huge. For example, it only contains 24 grams of sugar per bottle. In addition, a few vitamins whose dosage is a mystery. At the heading: “Maximum” it is explained that you cannot just over dose VitaminWater. It is therefore harmless. After all, according to their claim, a person must drink 2 liters of water. At VitaminWater you will receive “only” 380 Kcal while a normal diet may contain 2000 Kcal. But that means almost 100 grams of pure sugar (about 20 lumps) !!! And that instead of clean water which does not contain any calories. Therefore, suggesting that VitaminWater is a good alternative to water is a serious fraud. Unless you are waiting for acne, rotten teeth, obesity and diabetes …

Grain Products

Grain products are used by almost everyone. Although whole-grain products do contain fiber, that amount is very little. A few generations ago (before the fast-food era) we ate up to 300 grams of fiber per day, some of us now do not go beyond 10 grams, while 40 grams is a minimum. Vegetables and fruit contain much more fiber than grains. Bear in mind that wheat (but also soy and maize) is used in many foods. All of these refined products are stripped of their fibers to prepare them quickly and easily. White rice is on the table in less than 10 minutes, wild rice can take up to an hour. The calorific value is about the same, but the composition is completely different.

All those extra fibers ensure a much better saturation and intestinal filling. If we produce more faeces, we go to the toilet more often. Waste is removed much faster, which means that the intestinal wall is less affected by free radicals or other harmful substances. But the fibers are also rich in minerals and vitamins. Vitamins A and C in particular are common in fiber, in addition to the B complex, calcium, magnesium, iron and other useful nutrients. But in the natural form! Vitamin A is excellent for combating acne, as long as it is not a synthetic version. (The effect of Roaccutane is based on the synthetic vitamin A, with all its dramatic side effects.)


Carotenes (there are 600 types) are excellent antioxidants for the skin. Beta-carotene can be effectively converted by the body into vitamin A. Unfortunately, most of this is removed during the refining of products. In this way we continue to depletion of our food for ease of preparation. But then what do we actually eat? And with what consequences?

Eat 2 apples daily!

The skin, rich in fiber, often contains other powerful antioxidants. Perfect for skin protection and skin improvement, but then they must be present. Another important advantage of fibers is that they protect us against a too rapid rise in blood sugar. Nature must have realized that carbohydrates without fiber would not be a sensible source of food. All natural foods that contain glucose or fructose are rich in fiber, with the exception of honey. If you drink fruit juice, the sugars will remain, albeit with the necessary vitamins, but without the fibers. That makes it better than soda, but you still get a load of sugar, which is not good for your acne. It is much better, for example, to eat 2 apples daily, of course with peel and all. They also support your liver function!

Refined carbohydrates

We actually see this carbohydrate problem with many food sources. Our body is not genetically prepared for so many refined carbohydrates. All of those carbohydrates require loads of insulin to control blood sugar levels. All that extra insulin provides much more acne and insulin resistance. The liver runs overtime to detoxify and secretes the excess substances through the skin. These substances then form a “perfect” breeding ground for bacteria (Staphylococcus aureus and Propionibacterium acnes) that cause the necessary inflammation.
Insulin also has an effect on the androgens (male hormones) that cause excessive sebum production. You often see it accompanied by typical male hair growth in girls, for example small hairs in the face. The Dianepil is also used against this, but with the right diet and possibly nutricosmetics it can be corrected quickly and without side effects.

Against acne, but at all healthy you can take a diet that is naturally rich in vitamin A / beta-carotene; Sweet potatoes, carrots, spinach, all types of berries such as raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, goji berries, etc, all types of cabbage, almost all the fruit that is colorful. Red palm oil occupies a unique place. This is for sale in (preferably) glass jars and has a very high content of carotene, in addition to many other antioxidants. The advantage; carotenes are fat soluble and therefore need fat to be absorbed. Add healthy fats to your salad or vegetables, such as olive oil or an avocado and the absorption of the antioxidants can be 10 times better!

Do not use aggressive cosmetics! Feel free to eat one or two boiled eggs in the morning, preceded by an apple, banana or other type of fruit. Pineapple is also very good, but raw and not canned. Fermented milk products are less problematic than milk but avoid them in the initial phase. Eat lots of fatty fish, or supplement your diet with a rich and highly concentrated fish oil, as a powerful source of anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids. Take enough, because 1 gram does nothing at all. White fish, fried in oil, is not a good source and can be avoided better for the time being.


Often described as a culprit but can be very good. Really only if it is very pure, for example 85% cocoa, tastes bitter, without added sugars. All other types cause more acne. If the chocolate does not taste bitter, the useful polyphenols (super-antioxidants) are removed and with it all the benefits. Milk or white chocolate is totally useless and is more likely to cause acne. In summary; away with the fast sugars and milk products.

By Erik- Alexander Richter

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