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Lindsay van der Looij

Skin specialist Lindsay van der Looij

Lindsay van der Looij is co-owner of KNAP Institute. The originally Brabant moved to Amsterdam in 2012 to realize her dream. Lindsay van der Looij opened her company KNAP Skincare in February 2012 and she managed to turn this salon into the beauty hotspot of Amsterdam in a short time.

After the successful launch of KNAP Skincare it was time for Lindsay van der Looij to expand her business. Lindsay decided to join forces with cosmetic doctor Annebeth Kroeskop. Due to the background in cosmetic dermatology of Annebeth Kroeskop, KNAP Institute is now a full-fledged clinic that brings together the latest techniques in the field of anti-aging in specialized treatments that compliment each other.

Lindsay van der Looij started at the age of 18 with the beautician level 4. She then followed the basic and advanced dermatology course followed by a training course for entrepreneurship. From day 1 Lindsay has worked for herself. First from a salon at home in combination with a job as a manager at a beginning perfumery and then as an account manager of various skin care brands. Today, with 15 years of experience, Lindsay can call herself a very experienced skin specialist and successful entrepreneur.

Lindsay van der Looij has the vision to help her customers to feel better with her team. According to Lindsay, beauty starts with good skin. KNAP INSTITUTE works with major brands such as PCA Skin and !QMS Medicosmetics.

Lindsay and her team follow courses all year round to keep abreast of the latest treatments and skincare novelties. Consumers are becoming more and more critical and that is why KNAP INSTITUTE only works with equipment and brands for which scientific research exists.

The name Lindsay van der Looij is also well-known for well-known Netherlands. Various treatments such as the! QMS treatment is a favorite among many BN-er (Wendy van Dijk and Chantal Janzen to name a few). The latest treatment in the KNAP Skincare portfolio is Ultralift treatment. This treatment imitates body-specific processes through which the skin will improve itself and thus rejuvenate. The treatment is aimed at returning the contours.

Lindsay today gives direction to her team and she ensures that the treatments are carried out well, the protocols are in order and that every specialist is trained to perfection. Quality is key for Lindsay and that is why KNAP has been a success so quickly. And the success of KNAP is no reason for Lindsay van der Looij to take it easy. She has big plans for the future. Together with business partner Annebeth Kroeskop Lindsay van der Looij wants to expand KNAP. The exact shape is not yet known but KNAP is definitely growing out of the handsome doctor’s jacket of couturier Claes Iversen. In addition to Amsterdam, there is also a great deal of demand from Eindhoven and Rotterdam to establish there. The future will learn.

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KNAP Institute gesloten

Als gevolg van het Covid-19 virus hebben wij, met pijn in ons hart, besloten om KNAP Institute te sluiten.
Dat betekent echter niet dat wij ons werk neerleggen, integendeel!


Cosmetisch arts Annebeth Kroeskop heeft met haar team inmiddels een nieuwe kliniek geopend onder de naam “AnnebethKroeskop.com” aan de van Eeghenstraat 98 in Amsterdam. Cliënten kunnen bij haar onder meer terecht voor injectable- en laser behandelingen. 
Voor meer informatie en behandelingen kunt u terecht op www.annebethkroeskop.com of kunt u contact opnemen met 020-2441997 of afspraak@annebethkroeskop.com.


Lindsay van der Looij en haar team gaan verder op de vertrouwde locatie aan de Willemsparkweg 168, de behandelingen gaan daar gewoon door zoals je van ons gewend bent. Wel onder een gloednieuwe naam “BLOY Institute”. Je kunt hier onder meer  terecht voor Anti aging, huidverbeterende en body behandelingen. 
Bezoek voor informatie en behandelingen de website www.bloyinstitute.com, bel 020-8545161 of mail info@bloyinstitute.com.


Cliënten die nog een afspraak hebben staan kunnen voor laser- en injectables-behandelingen contact opnemen met AnnebethKroeskop.com en voor  body- en skincare behandelingen met BLOY Institute.


Voor alle behandelingen geldt dat deze vooraf via email of telefonisch ingepland moeten worden moeten worden, nu wij voor onze klanten rekening moeten houden met alle Covid-19 voorzorgsmaatregelen. 


Wij hopen u snel weer te mogen verwelkomen bij BLOY Institute op de Willemsparkweg 168 en bij AnnebethKroeskop.com op de van Eeghenstraat 98.


Met lieve groet,


Annebeth Kroeskop en Lindsay van der Looij